Cork & Barrel


Knowledgeable, skilled and trustworthy is the best way to describe Mike Swanson at GMS Solutions. A “go to” company if you want it done right the first time. Highly recommend.

Commonwealth Building Consultants


At Commonwealth Building Consultants we expect and demand the highest quality products and professionalism.  Mike Swanson/GMS Solutions has provided both.  As in the past, in the future I will continue to look to Mike to provide the knowledge, integrity, and skills needed to meet my client’s needs for both farm entry/exit and security.  Mike does an excellent job of explaining the options and reasons why he might suggest a certain product.  Mike/GMS Solutions has earned my respect and for that reason I do not hesitate to recommend GMS Solutions.

Richmond Utilities Water Treatment Plant

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Richmond Utilities Water Treatment Plant has done business with GMS Solutions for a number of years their customer service and repair and maintenance on our entrance gate and camera has  been outstanding. I would highly recommend their services.

Griffin Gate Community Association

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“GMS Solutions provides great products and top-notch customer service.  I have worked with Mike Swanson for two years and couldn’t ask for better service.  He is extremely knowledgeable about the equipment, software, and processes.  Mike is available to answer any questions we may have and is happy to do so.  I would highly recommend GMS Solutions not only for their products, but the amazing customer service they provide!”